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The Masdar site is one of the initiatives of the teacher Asmaa site to serve the educational process. The Masdar platform is a digital platform that collects high quality images, whether animated or static, of life fields such as vegetables, animals, nature, cartoon characters, education space and many more. It also includes a group of different modes such as feelings ( happy – sad – angry – worried – surprised – shy – …) and concepts (sports – reading – music – …) to find what you need to create a great presentation that matches your ideas.
Masdar also has static and animated backgrounds ready to be used in your presentations, created to help you make your work and educational presentations faster and more impressive. The Masdar platform has provided you with all the resources you need, which you can search for what you want in an easy and accessible way.
You can search by the name of the domain or by the letters of the word, whether the first, middle, or end of the word, or by typing the word directly in the search engine, and then all the results will appear to you.

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